Temp Tracker

SAG Temp Tracker is designed for temperature monitoring and managed through mobile phone with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It is convenient for a user to read the temperature data and be notified with an alarm when temperature is out of limit. Meanwhile, the thin and flexible label can be easily affixed to a container or product by its adhesive backing. Temperature data can be read and downloaded with a dedicated App which provides visibility and traceability of temperature-sensitive products like perishable foods or pharmaceutical goods during transportation. This single-use and cost-effective temp tracker is an indispensable device to ensure product quality and safety in cold chain management.
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Size (mm)L86.5x W54 x T1
FrequencyHF (NFC)
Operating Temperature (°C)-20 to 60
Storage Temperature (°C)-10 to 45
Applicable SurfaceNon-metal
NFC StandardType 5
RF Interface ProtocolISO/IEC 15693
OptionsCustomized artwork